Professor Rudra’s body of work provides a thorough examination of how politics serves as a mediator in shaping the distributive outcomes of globalization. Specifically, her research uses the lens of international political economy to analyze the factors and mechanisms influencing the achievements or lack of success among  various disadvantaged groups.


Articles (non-peer reviewed)

  • “The Hidden Threat to Globalization Why the Developing World Is Turning Against Free Trade” .Decmeber 3, 2021 (with Niccolo Bonifai and Irfan Noorudding) Foreign Affairs.
  • “Trade, poverty, and social protection in developing countries”. 2016 (with Raj Desai) WIDER Working Paper 2016/139. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER.
  • “Decentralization & Local Governance in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Stakeholder Perspectives.” 2007 (with Shonali Sardesai) Social Development Department, The World Bank.
  • “Political Analysis of Decentralization: Capturing the Stakeholder Perspective Lessons Learned from the Bangladesh Study.” 2009. Social Development Notes. Social Analysis and Social Policy. World Bank, 118.