I teach a diverse array of subjects that include International Political Economy, International Relations, Comparative Political Economy, Political Economy of Development, Comparative Welfare Policy—which covers health, education, social security, and labor market protections—Globalization and States/Domestic Politics, and the Politics of Inequality.

TitleSemesterCourse NumberCRN
Globalization in Developing EconomiesSpring 2019MIBP-842-4036902
Senior CapstoneSpring 2019IPEC-401-0113765
Senior Capstone in Political EconomySpring 2019PECO-401-0114501
Globalization in Developing EconomiesSummer 2018MIBP-842-5016331
Senior CapstoneSpring 2018IPEC-401-0113765
Senior Capstone in Pol EconomySpring 2018PECO-401-0114501
Dept Sem:Glbzn & Redst:Dev CouFall 2017GOVT-376-0128892
Intro to Econ & Pol DevtFall 2017INAF-252-0123464
Globalization in Developing EconomiesSummer 2017MIBP-842-5016331
Dept Sem:Glbzn & Redst:Dev CouFall 2016GOVT-376-0128892
Intro to Econ & Pol DevtFall 2016INAF-252-0123464
Dept Sem:Poverty & World EconSpring 2016GOVT-362-0126168
Senior CapstoneSpring 2016IPEC-401-0113765
Senior Capstone in Pol EconomySpring 2016PECO-401-0114501
Tutorial: GovernmentSpring 2016GOVT-902-1131178
Dept Sem:Glbzn & Redst:Dev CouFall 2015GOVT-376-0128892
Dept Sem:Poverty & World EconSpring 2015GOVT-362-0128892
Dept Sem:Poverty & World EconFall 2014GOVT-362-0128892
Int’l Political EconomyFall 2014GOVT-762-0127065
Dept Sem:Poverty & World EconSpring 2014GOVT-362-0126168